"Please, don’t ever leave", that’s what the damp shred of paper read. The words had been scrawled in red ink so that the piece was smeared with a bloody shadow. I found it alongside a gutter, about 4 inches away from the basketball that belonged to the young boy living adjacent to the pit. I walked by the gutter almost everyday, so noticing an abnormality wasn’t much of a challenge. There was usually a few leaves, damaged by the rush of water from the suburban streets and the fading basketball. Today, a note . The subtle rain was running from my sleeves to my arm and trickling down to my hand. The sleeves of my Glocca Morra t-shirt were beginning to shrivel up and make contact with the tops of my arms. It sent chills.


the aight gatsby


Let’s play a fun game called “we’re just friends but I’d fuck you if you asked”

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Spent 420 alone and decided to smoke in this beautiful weather and wow this was such a good idea because I can say whatever I want and jam to music and count cars

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